Vizibility at Every Stage

Oxen’s online web-based tracking portal, powered by Logixboard, is rich with features that let you access all the information you need whenever you need it.

With Oxen, you can rest assured that your cargo is transported swiftly and easily using innovative technology.


For Our Clients


Connect with Us

We empower our team with CargoWise One. Using EDI messaging, we stay connected to our partners, offering an unmatched, integrated logistics experience to o your clients.

We are ready to connect with you as well.

For Our Partners

Monitor the status of your cargo, orders and shipments. Get alerts and reports to meet your key performance indicators.

Track what multi-currency job changes were applied to your order.

Get automatic alerts about situations that may lead to higher costs. If your container has been in depot for too long and may incur demurrage fees, for instance.

Communicate with your agent through a direct channel and he will be readily available to help you with your shipment.

Don’t lose yourself in all your shipments. Locate your shipments with filters & grid options.

Track the historical indicators of your shipments

We guarantee your shipment’s is safety
at every step along its journey.

Configurable to your company’s needs

Track your cargo in

Cloud-based and
available 24/7