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Oxen Cargo specializes in delivering quick and simple solutions for all your shipping needs. We deliver timely, transparent updates on your freight. When you contact us, expect to receive nothing but the best.

Put your faith in our hands. In return, we will overdeliver or die trying                                               

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Customized Logistics Solutions

Need something more complex than our conventional services?

We can work with you to develop a custom solution that meets your unique needs. Oxen offers

A Special Service for Special Cargo

When the cargo’s dimensions and weight are not standard, it won’t fit into conventional containers. It is therefore handled as “project cargo.”

Our team has comprehensive experience in project cargo. We have a network of logistics partners ready to quote and organize even the most challenging shipments.

We are aware of the risk you take and we work to anticipate and proactively meet your cargo’s special needs.

Accelerate Your Import and Export Business with Oxen 360

To import and export, it is necessary to be aware of all nuances and requirements to operate in foreign trade. Knowing the process and necessary pre-requisites is vital for successful shipping.

To help clients grow their businesses, we offer our Oxen 360 consultancy package for strategic import/export advice.

We Dedicate Our Energy to the Industry that Lights Our Lives

In 2021, the oil and gas industry contributed 12.1 billion USD (FOB Value) to Brazilian imports, more than 6% of all import activity.

We at Oxen Cargo support our customers who operate directly or indirectly in this industry with our in-depth experience in this sector.

Working Towards a More Connected World in Every Way.

At Oxen Cargo, we understand our telecoms clients’ urgency to send and receive shipments on time.

Let us help you by understanding special import regimes or tax reductions for operating in the telecommunications industry.

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