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Our service spreads far and wide, resulting in an endless network of reliable connections.

Brazil Logistics and Shipping Company

Our Locations

Rio Grande do Sul

  • Port of Rio Grande (BRRIG)
  • Porto Alegre International Airport (POA)

Santa Catarina

  • Port of Imbituba (BRIBB)
  • Port of Itajai (BRITJ)
  • Port of Itapoa (BRIOA)
  • Port of Navegantes (BRNVT)
  • Port of Sao Francisco do Sul (BRSFS)
  • Joinville Airport (JOI)
  • Florianópolis International Airport (FLN)
  • Navegantes International Airport (NVT)

Rio de Janeiro

  • Rio de Janeiro International Airport (GIG)
  • Port of Rio de Janeiro (BRRIO)
  • Port of Itaguai – Sepetiba Port (BRIGI)

Espirito Santo

  • Vitoria International Airport (VIX)
  • Port of Vitoria (BRVIX)


  • Salvador International Airport (SSA)
  • Port of Salvador (BRSSA)


  • Fortaleza International Airport (FOR)
  • Port of Fortaleza (BRFOR)


  • Port of Belem (BRBEL)


  • Recife International Airport (REC)
  • Port of Recife (BRREC)

Rio Grande do Norte

  • Natal International Airport (NAT)
  • Port of Natal (BRNAT)


  • Manaus International Airport (MAO)
  • Port of Manaus (BRMAO)

Minas Gerais

  • Confins International Airport (CNF)


  • Curitiba International Airport (CWB)
  • Port Paranaguá (BRPNG)

San Pablo

  • San Paulo International Airport (GRU)
  • Campinas International Airport (VCP)
  • Port of Santos (BRSSZ)

We Are Everywhere

We are members of a global network with more than 275 first class freight forwarders, covering 100 countries and 239 cities worldwide.

Brazil Logistics Company in Rio de Janeiro
WPA Logistics Network - Brazil Logistics Company


Coming together is the beginning. Staying together is progress. Working together is success

OXEN Cargo is progressively growing, which is allowing the company to reach new frontiers on a daily basis. In order to sustain this growth, we are always looking for dependable freight forwarding partners. Explicitly, we are looking for ocean, air freight, trucking, and custom brokers services.


Prominent business and genuine commitment in return for distinguished service and competitive rates.

We expect the best from ourselves and we hold the same standard in our partnerships because want to assure a tenacious and dependable supply of outstanding service.

When you join our familiar network, you can expect:


Long Lasting Commitment


Collective Growth


Prioritized Communication


Collaborative Relationship


Proactivity and Integrity