ISO9001:2015 Certified Management System

What is a Certified Management System? Management system certification is an endorsement of the business capability of organizations that have chosen to optimize their structure and equip themselves with efficient management systems, adequate skills, and appropriate internal tools and processes (such as performance indicators). Our team makes the difference Oxen Cargo values adding value to …

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Why you Freight Forwarder should be a member of a Network?

When cargo is transported internationally, there are always two freight forwarders involved. The importer hires a freight forwarder to ship goods from an international origin to the destination country. In this process, the forwarding agent at the cargo’s destination contacts a forwarding agent at the origin to handle the entire process in the exporter’s territory. …

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Tips on how to import to Brazil

Avoid paying fines! According to the Customs Regulations, there are certain instances where fines apply as a result of errors, faults or discrepancies in import documents and cargo. Make sure that the Mercosur Common Nomenclature (NCM) is properly categorized, according to your product. A fine will be applied in case of incorrect classification, with repercussions …

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